Body Armor

Body armor comes in all sorts of shapes and designs to fit your individual requirements and the level of protection you need. Body armor is easily concealable under clothes, and used even protect service animals (police dogs). Whether you’re a citizen living in a dangerous neighborhood or someone who works in dangerous urban areas on a daily basis it is very important to be protected. If you feel you could benefit from one of these concealable vests, Sanmi Armored Group offers many options to choose from.





Part of the Concealable Series – designed for law enforcement and business people to be worn mainly under the shirt or jacket. Maximum protection for concealable vest.



Designed for Military in combat situaltions & law enforcement that requires the maximum protection and versatility

Casual Jackets:


Designed for law enforcement and people who are interested in low profile and “blend in the crowd” casual look situation.  However, let there be no mistake – this is a top of the line fully armored vest.

Women Vests:

Women bulletproofDesigned for maximum protection and concealment. This is a state of the art vest and has a unique active cooling technology, which reacts to your specific body temperature

Police Dog Protection:

K9 protectionNow your partner can also be protected. Provides a full protection to the back, chest, and underbelly of the dog. Manufactured with the highest quality Ballistic/Stab material.