Vehicle Armor

Sanmi Armored Group uses the most technologically advanced material for their armored vehicles. Our armored passenger vehicles are able to withstand a wide variety of attacks. Read all about the cutting edge technology that goes into a Sanmi Armored Group vehicle below.


armormax  Armormax® is one of a kind light weight ballistic armoring material. It is the lightest opaque armor in the industry; it reduces the added weight traditional steel armor will place on a vehicle by up to 60%, making it the lightest weight armoring system in the world.  Armormax® is composed of a combination of synthetic fibers.  The Armomax® composite technology is ten times stronger than ballistic steel – pound for pound!


Run Flat Tires:

runflat tire

Sanmi Armored Group can modify all existing tires in an armored vehicle with Run Flat tire inserts.  The Run Flat Tire inserts allows the vehicle to travel on deflated tires up to 60 miles at 60 mph (depending on road conditions).  This insert is composed of a ballistic rubberized plastic “roller” ring that is designed, molded and installed inside each tire around the rim. Once the tires are deflated, the solid rubber ring acts as a backup tire, becoming an airless spare within the tire.

Weld Free™:

The Weld Free™ method is the most recent advancement from Sanmi Armored Group.  Weld Free™ is an independently certified* method used to fit ballistic steel into vehicles without altering the ballistic properties of the steel armor.  Standard welding methods cause heat effected zones, effectively weakening the armored steel.

Transparent Armor (Glass):


Referred to as Lightweight Transparent Armor or LTA®, LTA® is the material used by Sanmi Armored Group for all glass armoring.  LTA® glass provides a superior level of protection against the toughest security concerns, from random acts of street violence to Head of State protection.

The LTA® Glass is made up of glass and polycarbonate substrates laminated with inter layers.  “Controlled de-lamination” is the process used to allow the glass to absorb the energy and penetration from various ballistic threats.  The inner layer of polycarbonate is used to prevent spalling (fragment release – bullet, jacket or glass) upon ballistic impact.

LTA® Glass is:

  • Distortion Free
  • Looks identical to original vehicles glass – maintains original appearance
  • Lighter and thinner than all-glass laminates or air-gap designs
  • Unaffected by temperature fluctuations
  • Offers dependable protection against a variety of lethal weapons




The suspension of the vehicle (including shocks, springs and/or sway bars), along with the brakes should be modified when a vehicle is armored.  Sanmi Armored Group recommends a heavier duty vehicle to its clients when starting the armoring process.  This will help with the modification process of upgrading the suspension, shocks and brakes later on.  The modification is done with a standard package that may vary depending on the needs of the client.



Dual Ram Bumpers can be added to a client’s armored vehicle.  They are concealed behind both the front and the rear bumpers, and allows each vehicle to ram its way out of a dangerous situation without causing inoperable damage to the armored vehicle.  In addition, it also prevents corners of the vehicle from being rammed into the tires, thus making the armored vehicle inoperable.

Floor and Fuel Tank Protection:


To ensure the safest vehicles, Sanmi Armored Group seals the entire floor of the vehicle with a multi-layered ballistic nylon armor.  The floor armor is designed to absorb bomb fragmentation.  The armor is concealed under the carpet and seats of the vehicle, maintaining the original appearance of the vehicle.  An anti-explosive fuel tank is created by placing armor around the fuel tank.

Elitus® Overlap System:

open armored door

This concealed molded armoring process (called Elitus®) assures an added level ballistic protection in all vulnerable (“weak”) areas in the passenger compartment – especially door openings and around windows.

3rd Hinge Door Support:

3rd Hinge Support

3rd Hinge Door support is added to level B7 armored vehicles and whenever possible.   Door structure modifications are done to support any weight added by the armor material.  This includes reinforcement of pillar posts and hinges.  These modifications are done to help the armored door maintain its original functionality.